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Telebim from Poland. High quality advertisement and graphic information.

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Grazyna Kocikowska

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On customer's pleasure for additional payment. We can install power supply from sunny batteries such advertisement. Solution such. Aspect advertisement will make possible practically in every place. OLED then system telebim to installation outside. In realization one and multicoloured. Proposed by us screen plate. Then advanced solution is technically for friendly price. Formation telebim. It is perfect to introduction both texts how and graphics. It is suitable to reproduction of introduction great and animation. Suitable report of high quality. And good price. Screens OLED find in firms use. Bars and shops and exchange offices. At offices and the stations of fuels and many different places. All screen plate be built from modules about small sizes. This permit .On easy adjustment to needs the size of whole screen plate. We offer from multicoloured screen plate telebim. Red and yellow and green and indirect colours. Distance between neighbouring piksel. This 10 and 12 and 16 and 20 mm. Steering cards have regulated clearness. Suitable to applying outside. By behaviour of small power. It prepares on computer presented graphic arts. She was sended to screen by. The USB and Rs232 and net of lan and WiF and the Internet. In memory of screen. We can remember very long introductions. As well many different introductions. We can display current time. Date and temperature. Screen plate reproduces animation. With speed 16 film frames on second.

General information. Telebim concern Screen P16.

Screen. 1m 2
Programmer. 1m 2 .
size of individual cabinet.
1024 x 768 x 150 mm.
64 x 48 pixel.
Weight. 42Kg
Clearness. 7500 cd / m 2.
power average consumption. 300W / 1m 2.
max the power consumption. 630W / 1m 2 .

Parameters of screens different telebimów.


P10 320 mm the x 160 mm 512
P12 192 mm the x 192 mm 256
P14 224 mm the x 112 mm 128
P16 256 mm the x 128 mm 128
P20 320 mm the x 160 mm 128

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